Reaching the highest credential in teaching, 60 educators from across the  county are now National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs). Half of this year’s achievers renewed their certifications while the other 30 teachers met the lofty standards for the first time. AACPS now boasts a total of 520 educators who have earned NBCT status, second among all Maryland school systems.

In a process that can take up to three years, Anne Arundel’s 2018-19 class successfully completed rigorous assessments with the assistance of a professional development program offered by the school system. Approximately 83 current AACPS educators are seeking to earn NBCT status over the next two years.

“Pursuing National Board Certification is one of the biggest gestures our teachers make to be the very best for our students,” Superintendent George Arlotto said. “I am so proud of the awesome example that these educators set for our students and colleagues.”

The following AACPS educators renewed their National Board Certification status this year:

  • Nancy Baker, South River High School
  • Michelle Bassett, Rolling Knolls Elementary School
  • Sarah Bell, AACPS Office of Equity & Accelerated Student Achievement
  • Theresa Brown, Broadneck Elementary School
  • Sarah DelSignore, Northeast High School
  • Michele Diekelman, MacArthur Middle School
  • Valerie Earhart, Severna Park High School
  • Amanda Fincher, Jones Elementary School
  • Bethany Fish, Severna Park High School
  • Suzanne Gerczynski, Glen Burnie Park Elementary School
  • Hunter Hammond, Old Mill High School
  • Jennifer Harrison, Cape St. Claire Elementary School
  • Wendy Johnson, Glen Burnie Park Elementary School
  • Donna Kennedy, Jacobsville Elementary School
  • Jamie Lemm, AACPS Early Education Office
  • Janet Liimatta, Carrie Weedon & Ferndale EECs and Phoenix Academy
  • Dana Manojlović, Central Elementary School
  • Donna McCallister, MacArthur & Meade middle schools
  • Lindsay Morgan, Arundel HS
  • Kate Rishar, Monarch Academy
  • Deborah Sansone, Southern Middle School
  • Stacy Shafran, South Shore Elementary School
  • Laura Simpson Pierce, AACPS Home & Hospital Teaching Office
  • Dan Sitomer, Old Mill High School
  • Teresa Stahl, Severna Park High School
  • Heather Steven, Broadneck High School
  • Beth Tipper, Meade High School
  • Jennifer Woods, Arundel High School
  • Amy Young-Buckler, Meade Heights Elementary School
  • Charles Zimmerman, Northeast High School

The following AACPS educators achieved their initial National Board Certification status this year:

  • Patrick Alexander, Piney Orchard & Waugh Chapel elementary schools
  • Teresa Beilstein, South Shore Elementary School
  • Melissa Caballero-Cruz, Ridgeway Elementary School
  • Lindsey Coe, Four Seasons Elementary School
  • Dawn Conway, Hillsmere Elementary School
  • Danielle Crankfield, Monarch Academy
  • Laura Dembeck, Hebron-Harman Elementary School
  • Karen Gummeringer, Crofton Elementary School
  • Sarah Hallam, Southgate Elementary School
  • David Hamrum, Lindale Middle School
  • Amy Harris, Windsor Farm Elementary School
  • Barbara Hoyt, Jacobsville Elementary School
  • Scott Hughes, Crofton Woods Elementary School
  • Jessica Kane, George Fox Middle School
  • Kathryn Kimble, Marley & Southgate elementary schools
  • Kristin Larney, Southern High School
  • Shannon Mak, George Fox Middle School
  • Colleen Moore, Broadneck Elementary School
  • Shelby Morris, Cape St. Claire Elementary School
  • Jacqueline Reymann, Linthicum Elementary School
  • Caroline Roskam, Windsor Farm Elementary School
  • Heather Schimpf, George Fox Middle School
  • Dana Semos, Arnold, Belvedere, and Jones elementary schools
  • Deborah Silverman, Hebron-Harman Elementary School
  • Lauren Snyder, Hillsmere Elementary School
  • Angela Speech, Annapolis High School
  • Kathryn Ventrudo, Shipley’s Choice Elementary School
  • Ellen Kusterer, formerly Meade High School (no longer in AACPS)
  • Karl Nebbia, formerly Folger McKinsey Elementary School (no longer in AACPS)
  • Mary San Juan, formerly Southgate Elementary School (no longer in AACPS)

This year’s class will be honored at a special recognition ceremony at 4:30 p.m. on January 28, 2019 at Annapolis High School.