Our Vision

    One Goal: Elevate All Students, Eliminate All Gaps
    80,000 + Students
    10,000 + Employees
    126 Schools
    12 Feeder Systems


    The mission of the Office of Equity and Accelerated Student Achievement is to serve and support students, schools, and families in a manner that is positive, purposeful, and proactive. We promote high levels of achievement for ALL students by:

    • Supporting schools in developing and maintaining a responsive, equitable school culture
    • facilitating the implementation of engaging, relevant, research-based, differentiated instruction, and
    • supporting enrichment opportunities for all students.

    OEASA News/Blog

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    TheĀ #AACPSReadWithMe Challenge sponsored by the Office of Equity and Accelerated Student AchievementĀ is back!! Why?? Reading aloud is the single most important activity adults can do to create good readers. As if that’s not enough, the amount of time a child spends reading is a strong indicator of future academic success and it’s a great way for children to bond with […]