Community Ambassador

equity2Provide additional academic, emotional, and social support to identified students, promote the development of positive relationships between administrators, educators, support staff, and families to strengthen the Home-School Connection.

Kids at Hope


Maintain and expand this program by partnering with Anne Arundel Community College to train additional schools to become “treasure hunters” who identify and nurture the unique talents of each student and empower all students to succeed – no exceptions.

Room 203 TV Show/Twitter

“Room 203” symbolizes the idea that by forming genuine relationships and honoring the diverse cultures, interests, and capabilities of our students, we can inspire them to recognize and maximize their unique potential.

Parent & Community Outreach Sessions

Collaborate with community leaders and various organizations to develop strategic plans to further engage students, parents, and community members and support school initiatives

Title I Program

The Title I Office provides meaningful resources and supports to selected schools in order to engage students in appropriate opportunities that promote success.


A social media campaign designed to Increase the number of books children have access to, Create awareness around the importance of reading to young children, and Inspire families to read together.

Time for Tots Program

A school based workshop that models how parents can work with their preschool child to prepare them for academic success.

Growth Mindset

Our Growth Mindset initiative is based on the research of Dr. Carol Dweck and her team of researchers at Stanford University. We are collaborating with schools to create a growth mindset in EVERY teacher, student and parent through purposeful implementation of a set of mindset tools including: process praise, effort and achievement rubrics, goal-setting and reflection.

Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS) and Restorative Practices

Maintain and expand school-based programs that utilize the PBIS program, a research-based framework designed to support safe and effective school environments using a multi-tiered system of support for all students. PBIS establishes a proactive, preventive, and positive response to student behaviors.