Farm to School enriches the connection students, staff and school communities have with fresh, healthy and local foods. Farm to School includes procurement and promotion of local foods, educational activities related to agriculture and nutrition and may also enhance hands on learning in the classroom using school gardens.
Anne Arundel County Public Schools began using local foods (specifically fruits and veggies) in school meals in the mid 2000’s. Farm to School programs continue to thrive in our county and state. This program stimulates local economies, improves students’ health and helps our students learn where food comes from. For more information visit,
Farm to School programs include the availability of local dairy, grains, fruits and vegetables, along with the promotion of school gardens to provide hands-on learning opportunities. Creating healthy students and schools, help us cultivate communities of wellness through nutrition education and lifelong healthy eating habits.

For more information about the Farm to School Program call 410-222-5900 or email