Thank you for choosing to recognize an outstanding business partnership at your school! Partnerships are an important component of ensuring all students are prepared for college, career, and the community and this award allows us to celebrate businesses & organizations that go above and beyond to support our students.

Businesses/organizations are considered in two categories: over 50 employees and under 50 employees. Deadline Extended! Nominations are now due by 3:00pm on Wednesday, January 16 2019.

Nominees and winners will be honored at the annual Excellence in Education Gala on April 25, 2019.

Download a Nomination Form
Note: Saving data in the nomination form requires Internet Explorer, not Google Chrome.

Application Checklist

  1. Completed Business Partner of the Year nomination form, which includes a new section for the Principal’s Letter of Recommendation.
  2. Supporting attachments that showcase this partnership through testimonies, newspaper articles, photos, etc. (maximum two attachments, two pages each).

All nominations must be submitted using the form below. You do not need to combine these files.

Need Help?

The new Principal’s Recommendation Letter section offers you an opportunity to share information about your nominee’s impact and commitment to your school community. You may want to include:

  • Anecdotes demonstrating the impact this partner has in your school community, and
  • Testimonials and/or quotes from students, staff, families, or other community members.
The supporting materials provide a place to show the business partnership in action. Consider including:

  • Additional testimonies from students, families, or teachers who have worked with this partner;
  • Photographs of the partnership in action at the school, especially with students and/or family members;
  • Newspaper articles or other recognition that highlights the impact the partnership has made at your school.

Each attachment may be up to two pages.

Files must be 2MB or less to submit through the online form. Here are a few tips to reduce the size of the application package. (If you need help using your school’s scanner, please contact your School Technician).

  • Some scanners are set to a high resolution. Try adjusting the resolution to “medium” or “low” and then re-scan the document.
  • Scan the document in black and white.
  • Before you submit, please make sure that all text is legible in the scanned paged.

If you need additional help, please contact Lauren Grey-Hawkins at 410-222-5371 or

You may type your principal’s name in the signature line of the nomination form. We do not need a physical signature in the nomination packet.

Submit Your Application

Use the below form to upload your nomination. Nominations are now due by 3:00pm on Wednesday, January 16 2019.

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Business Nominee Information

School Information

Nomination Packet

Please save your file using the naming convention SchoolName_BusinessName_BPA19 (ex: RivaElementary_STEM-Tech_BPA19).

Supporting Materials (Optional)

Submit up to two additional attachments that showcase your school's partnership with this business/organization. Files should be in a PDF or Jpeg format and must be 2MB or smaller.