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Recognized for their support of AACPS by Severna Park High School


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Mr. James Henson, owner of Henson & Associates and Severna Park High School alumnus, has shown true Falcon spirit by returning to his alma mater and helping our students achieve greatness, both inside and outside of the classroom.  He has been an active 3-year member of our Business Advisory Board, where his expertise in finance has led to the creation of unique “Financial Literacy” Advisory lessons, preparing our Falcons for their own financial future.  When surveyed, students overwhelmingly feel that these advisories are their favorite and most beneficial to them.  One student said, “I actually can sit down at dinner and am not afraid to talk to my parents about financial stuff, because what James has taught me. I know the importance of saving my money because of compound interest.”  James has helped organize a financial literacy week at Severna Park High School, that includes multiple activities and lessons centered on making smart financial decisions, including the recruitment of 65 business partners to deliver these lessons.  He has been a mentor to students during Leadership projects, stock market games, and a judge for DECA regional competitions.  His excitement of financial literacy topics instills confidence in our students as future investors and productive citizens.

Mr. Henson’s innovative spirit and dedication to our academic programs has helped create a culture of learning that fosters student success. When I asked faculty to provide feedback about Mr. Henson, I think Mrs. Colon, the Business Department Chair, is most telling.  In her own words, “James has been an incredibly valuable partner in both my classroom and with my DECA Chapter that prepares emerging leaders for business.  James not only visits my classroom to guest speak, but drops back in to check on the kids and see how they are applying what he taught them and growing as future investors and citizens.  He engages them in meaningful discussions to help them find their own answers instead of just providing solutions.  After school and work hours, James took time out of his evening to be our keynote speaker at the DECA Regional Conference in 2017.  Kids were enthusiastic about his presentation and have used what he taught them during competitions and in their personal lives; they are always excited to quote ‘Mr. James’ to me as they justify their reasoning.  A great role model for my students, James carries himself as fun and approachable but still professional.  He is an asset to SPHS!”

Mr. Henson has an excellent rapport with students and knows how to make a rather dull topic (financial planning) interesting.  He gives them the opportunity to really think about how they can begin financial planning NOW.  His excitement of financial literacy topics instills confidence in our students as future investors and productive citizens.  We are grateful that Mr. Henson sees the value in giving back to his community and school by sharing his passion of making every student financially literate.

What is Henson & Associates?

Henson and Associates was established in 2005 by James Henson Jr. when he was introduced to the finance profession by a coworker that educated him and his wife, Genea, on how money works. James became passionate about helping educate adults about their finances. While doing that he realized that most adults were not educated properly on personal finance. So he thought to himself what better way to make a change then to start by teaching personal finance to kids. Growing up in Anne Arundel County and being educated by AACPS, James felt as though it would be beneficial to give back to the area that gave him his start in life. Henson & Associates has made an impact not only at Severna Park High, but in classrooms at Corkran Middle, Old Mill High, Old Mill Middle, Georgetown East Elementary, and Nantucket Elementary.