Tracy Lee

I am an AACPS: Alum, Hillsmere Elementary School

How long has it been, since I left Hillsmere Elementary School? I am not really too sure of the names of my classmates, but I know three teachers who, played a fantastic roll in my development and interest in self-improvement that has followed me to this day.

I came from an alcoholic dysfunctional family, but my 4th grade teacher, my 5th grade teacher, and Mrs. Brown never gave up on me or my fellow classmates with all our young problems. My 4th grade teacher never failed to be loving and caring…always helping us to be more than what we thought we were. My fifth grade teacher, gave me my love for science and medicine and a drive to never give up and work hard in Academics (this would later have an impact on my life). Mrs. Else Brown—a legend to many people.  She taught me love and that I was important. I could be somebody. No matter who I was or what my family was, I was unique.

After high school, I joined the Infantry and am a combat veteran. I also became a Military teacher for Infantry weapons. After my Honorable discharge, I went on to marry a German National and settled down in Germany. I studied Nursing in Germany and have my Nursing Degree (Thank you Mr. Johnson).  I then went on to be a tourist Nurse in the Canary Islands Spain, did professional modeling, and active mountaineering. I now live in Scotland as a Senior Care worker, am a staff Risk assessment coordinator, and a Moving and Handling of people instructor.

Not bad for a young man with dyslexia and great teachers.

So when your teaching staff are frustrated or have lost the path, remember patience, love and understanding make the future. Someday those young students will look back at their teachers. I do every day.