What is PDM?

The Partnerships, Development, and Marketing (PDM) Department works with the community to cultivate relationships that will benefit students, families, and employees. Our team:

  • Creates partnerships with businesses and individuals in the community;
  • Supports grant development across the county;
  • Provides consulting and coordinate campaigns to help AACPS better share its story with the community;
  • Works with families, schools, and communities to facilitate meaningful communication between families and schools and provide training and resources to support student success (learn more about this work at the Office of School and Family Partnerships website);
  • Serves as the liaison to the 21st Century Education Foundation, the non-profit, fundraising partner of the school system.

What’s New

Bringing Joy and Happiness Through Music

"Music brings out the joy and happiness in the heart. Mrs. Kennelly at Waugh Chapel Elementary teaches music to her students with such dedication and patience."--Deanna Mallon, Parent

My Journey from Culinary Student to Culinary Teacher

Through my career experiences, I have developed a set of standards I hope to achieve with my classes to create employable citizens. Of course, I want my students to learn the culinary knowledge and skills needed to prepare them for either college or a career in foodservice after high school. Most importantly though, I want students to become self-motivated individuals with a strong work ethic, and I want them to value the importance of professional growth, collaboration, and teamwork in all industries.

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We want to hear your story! Tell us about someone in AACPS that has inspired you, a unique opportunity you had with a school, or how your experience with AACPS has made a positive impact in your life.

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