Arundel County Public Schools utilizes a non-weighted, randomized  lottery to ensure equity and access for all students.  Students who apply for more than one program will enter each lottery separately.  We maintain a waitlist from the time of the lottery results through the summer. Click on the links for Middle School or High School to find the latest lists and the next scheduled update (at the top of each page of the lottery lists).

Middle School Lottery Results for on-time fifth-grade applicants:

          CLICK HERE for Middle School Lottery Results.

High School Lottery Results for on-time eighth-grade applicants:

          CLICK HERE for High School Lottery Results.

Late and upper-level applicants to PVA (grades 5, 6, 8) were notified separately about their results.

Late and upper-level applicants to BMAH and IB (grades 5, 6, 8, 10 for IB DP) will be notified separately about their applications as seats become available.

Click here for Welcome and Registration information. Only students/families who have accepted a seat offer (not a wait-list seat offer) should attend.